5 Ways to Solve Low-Technician Productivity Using Field Service Management Sofiware


Low-productivity during field service hours can cost companies a great deal of money is labor costs, fuel and lost time. It can ultimately cost clients when they become dissatisfied with slow service or having technicians show up that are not qualified to handle the job. Below are five of the best reasons to look into field service management software to improve the productivity of your technicians and business.

1. Controlling Technician Downtime

Getting and receiving information with field technicians is a critical part of understanding how every hour is accounted for on any given workday. When the job is not started at an expected time, changes can be made in the schedule to get the technician working on another job. Management software allows the immediate transfer of information and ability to change stops to make each hour more productive.

2. Scheduled Breaks

All employees need to have breaks during the day, but it can be frustrating when filed technicians do not make you aware of taking time away from the job, or work vehicle. The necessary breaks can be scheduled to fit the workload, allowing both the office and technician the accurate information to understand how the work and rest periods are set up for the day.

3. Streamlined Appointments

Fuel and time can easily become a wasted commodity if a client cancels service without being able to let the technician know. They may travel a great distance to find that the job is canceled, changed to another date, or the needed individual is simply not there. Field service management software provides an easier method of changing appointments, canceling, or adding new stops when needed. These changes can be made by the field office or technician.

4. Improved Skill Matching

Not every technician is suitable for every job that arises. You may not want to send out a fairly new employee to a job that requires more skill and experience. Sending out a technician and later finding that another one will have to be sent waste company time, fuel, and can make a client lose confidence in your abilities to get the job done.

5. 24/7 Snapshot for Management Team

Technician productivity problems can be the result of many small items that may have previously been out of the normal range of management control. A field service management software program will monitor the smaller details, making it easier to keep everything on track. You will see a definite increase in productivity numbers within the first month.

Taking a more tactical approach to planning schedules and monitoring daily progress is the better way to reduce low performance in field technician services. A proven field service management software system is an investment that places better control in your hands for a positive result.