Isabelle Arvers
Isabelle Arvers is a French media art curator, critic and author who specializes in video and computer games, web animation, digital cinema, retrogaming, 8 bit and machinima.
Malcolm Levy
Malcolm Levy is an artist and curator living in Vancouver, Canada. Levy’s curatorial, film and video installation works have been presented in India, Australia, China, Germany and Canada.
Kimberly Voll
A gamer since the late 70s, Dr. Kimberly Voll is a professor of game design and software engineering at the Centre for Digital Media, as well as an independent game developer. In her spare time, Kim also helps coordinate Vancouver’s “Full Indie”, one of the world’s largest meet ups for independent game developers.

Curators statement

With EVOLUTION, we wish to celebrate the rich
history of video games in an immersive, highly interactive tribute. Our goal in creating this annual event is to tell the story of the evolution of video games, exploring the amazing developments that have evolved through gameplay, technology, graphics, interface,
music, and even the player. Presented at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada, EVOLUTION presents a world of pixels and polygons where ideas, interactivity and gameplay merge into an unforgettable experience that will take participants back one
more time.

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